I know nothing of HTML, tables, formatting, or any of that jive. Obvious, right?

Just a repository of some nostalgic garbage that I have decided to host here temporarily to honor the history of Nogleg, the true Darkhosis, and Zevus the Silent. Well, or I guess some of these anyway, maybe I am too lazy to post thousands of files.
Shit is listed in weird random orders and maybe I will add more crap later. Or maybe not. It is one positive of never destroying any of your old HDD's. I have a 10MB HDD that may still work, but, uh, I think it requires a controller card that I no
longer have. No clue how to get it to work. I also have some 120MB drive from 1991 or 1992 that doesn't spin. Maybe I could pay someone a fortune to dig up some data. I fear much of it may be 1990-1992 era pr0n. Too embarrassing, yes.

My Youtube channel -- this got decent traction early, think up to a whole, uh, 400 or 500 subscribers (back then it was OK?) but Warhammer Age of Reckoning died and just about all subsequent MMORPGs (except Aion) were Pay to Win, and the reason for the
channel was lost. Microtransactions are evil. But for those interested, there is now a Warhammer: Return of Reckoning free to play player-run server. The message board for this is located at https://www.returnofreckoning.com/ ..

There are other Darkhosii now, probably due to some proliferation of the alias in (warez) NFO files, or maybe from domination on some MUDs back in the day, who knows. I first used it in 1990, it was named after a city in Warlords I -- think it may
have been the starting city for the Orcs of Kor -- if not, it was a city directly south of their capital. The city was name Dhar-Khosis. I've also used the nick Soltan, also beginning in 1990 (the primary name for my regulator on Genocide). Around
2001 or 2002, I created a second account on the Torvonnilous server of Everquest named 'Zevus'. I prefer the nick Zevus but it wasn't as "original" as Darkhosis, so I mainly continued w/ Darkhosis. Other Darkhosii gradually bled in to search results
(such as "Veldane Darkhosis" & a Darkhosis that was prolific on forums related to the wonders of weed) until things went to absolute shit in 2005-2006. Interweb searches for my alias, well, I haven't done this in a good half a dozen years I guess. 
Used to be quite entertaining. Probably now it is only a few % points worth of hits for the original Darkhosis. I used to cry myself to sleep at night. The disaster of 2005-2006 was some fella that decided to use my name as his Youtube channel, which
probably was in 2005, but maybe 2006. I didn't think I had to be aggressive about "keeping" my alias back then. Very foolish! I also emailed him a few times, but he never responded. I had other people email him, and he would respond, and say that they 
were looking for a 'different' Darkhosis. I think a psychic probe would indicate that it is afraid. *cheer*

I had the first eBay auction of an Everquest item -- this was done via the eBay id "drallax", there is a Google Groups thread about it here. My recollection is that the 1000 platinum sold for $775. The second place bidder was just below, and the third
place bidder was ~$750. Naturally, I quickly sold two more lots of 1000 platinum, whilst honoring eBay's ToS. It is true.

Some random craps, that maybe I'll expand upon in a few years;

Nogleg was srs bitcoin. It is known.

Nogleg had many hub nodes. I wonder what was going on there? Why so much bitcoins? Nogleg, pls stop.
Nogleg vry fast -- The Bitcoin Transaction Graph: Anonymity -- 2013 Master's Thesis by Marc Santamaria Ortega
Nogleg engages in sploits, it is on Reddit, so it must be true.
Nogleg at the Wayback Machine. Oh, what vast knowledge is stored in the archives!1

Darkhosis was very good at BattleTech. He was the best player, but many dispised him, because of weird lingo like bog, nog, fear, nogleg, bogleg, and such. It is true that this is the only reason anyone disliked the Darkhosis. Sadly, they failed to realize
that Darkhosis was actually roleplaying a cultist in the Draconis Combine, with a cohort of followers that used similar lingo. I think it should probably become canon in BattleTech universe. FASA must fix.

Note all the bogging, nogging, boglegging, noglegging, lafs, etc... Naturally, these were all the best BattleTech players, since they were cult members. Ed Tang, where art thou?
Fan fiction written about Darkhosis. Darkhosis's skillz were feared.
This was from 1996, I think I wasn't playing BattleTech as much. But the main problem here is it was a popularity contest, and I failed to vote for myself. Shameful.
Dodger's Freelancers finished a middling 5th out of 12 companies. Pirates was admin run faction and participated in many more battles. I am not sure how I am only 5th here. I sense shenanigans. Yes.

Some Genocide (PK LPMud) stuff:

Soltan was my the alias for my regulator (player account) on Genocide. Ed Tang and XTC are wise. How to contact the XTC? Perhaps Mr. Tang knows, hmm.
As I quit playing before most of these people & just logged on for kicks for a good 200-300 wars after essentially retiring .. my real KD should be over 30. It makes me sad.

Tsunami LPMud:

Darkhosis was feared on the Tsunami MUD.  It is true and written here, in the Tsunami annals.  The person that created this had great wisdom and knowledge.