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... various files I've had on here forever. Everquest screenshots, Genocide logs, BattleTech logs, Ultima Online screenshots, obscure bitcoin junk from years ago, etc.

Feb 1st, 2016 - So after a year or so of inactivity, decided to spin up some bitcoin nodes again for the hell of it. I'll post serverbear benchmarks & prices later. The ones I got specifically to run a bitcoin node on range from $5/mo to $10/mo.

A few random videos, just 'cause I liked 'em, and they've been here for as long as I can remember --

Kim Jong-un being a badass.
Chuck Norris being a badass.
Mr. T being a badass.
Ninjas being badass in general.
Algerian Cleric Chemseddine El Djazairi corrects the 'prevailing opinion' about Jewish genetics. Vry wise.
Al Jazeera debate between London Islamist Hani Al-Sibai and 'Egyptian Intellectual Sayid Al-Qimni'. Audio out of sync at start, not my fault! Turkey tastes good.

... Nogleg is now running with OIL IMMERSION COOLING IN EFFECT. Hetzner installed it for free, because they are über like that. Gangnam Style improved to v4.03, no more overheating problems because machine is IMMERSED IN OILS now. ***Oils must be changed soon, kode red.

... and now for some semi-random jibber jabber, including a few referral links to try to recoup all the money I waste on bitcoin nodes, hoho.

Feb 28th - I tried to clean up some of the rambling (hope I didn't miss something and end up repeating myself somewhere). It also seems as though my hypothesis about Vultr's bandwidth limits is true (I mention it down below in the Vultr section). I wasn't charged for the 100GB I transferred in one day on an instance in Japan (where the limit is 800GB a month). So for now at least you get x amount of bandwidth per month, regardless of how long the instance is up. Vultr's Japan location is also much better (faster network) than Digital Ocean's Singapore. Other than that one pairing, Digital Ocean may be a bit better in its US and UK locations, but, well, it also doesn't have as many choices as Vultr.... and doesn't have that super cool Australian location. As for Linode, well, it has the best of all of them, by quite a bit -- it also costs a lot more. I'm pretty sure Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr all offer ipv6, but not absolutely positive. I'll check on that next time I update this.

As I've been getting some search hits about 'Vultr locations' or 'Digital Ocean' locations, I guess I'll list them here. As of today (Feb. 28tth, 2015), Vultr's locations are Chicago, New York / New Jersey, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Seattle for the USA. Sydney, AU, Tokyo, JP, Amsterdam, NL, Frankfurt, DE, and Paris, FR. I've tried an AU node a few times, it seems decent enough, obviously not getting blazing speeds, but it was capable of getting near 100Mbps. Digital Ocean's locations are New York, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Linode offers Newark, Fremont, Atlanta, Dallas, London, and Tokyo. Linode's Tokyo location is far superior to both Vultr and Digital Ocean, but they still haven't upgraded capacity -- it requires you to get on a waiting list if you want to set a machine up in Tokyo.

The major drawback with Vultr is that it limits bandwidth quite a bit. The 'biggest' plan available for Japan and Australia both limit it to 800GB transfer a month. Unsure if creating multiple instances there and running them both for a month would grant you 1.6TB or not (but then as of *now* you could use 800GB on an Aussie node in a week, kill it, and then not have to pay any extra. Possibly won't be like that for long, though. How do I know this? I just looked at my February billing summary and there's no overcharge for Australia, where I transferred about 100GB over the course of 2 days. ^_^

As of right now, Vultr offers more locations, is cheaper, and has more locations and a better network in Asia than Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean's network does seem superior in London, Netherlands, and the US, but not by an especially large amount. In my opinion, Vultr is the better option right now. Oh, some examples of Vultr's cheaper prices would be the 2 CPU, 4 RAM node, where Digital Ocean charges $0.06/hr and Vultr is $0.052/hr. Vultr's 2 CPU, 2 TB, 40GB, vs the exact same on Digital Ocean is even further apart, $0.03 vs $0.022. The one thing you may need that Vultr doesn't have is more powerful instances. All of Vultr's locations are limited to 4 CPU, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, with the exception of the New York - New Jersey location. Digital Ocean offers 64GB RAM, 20 VCPU even in Singapore -- you have to pay to 'unlock' this though. Initially with a $5 deposit you'll only have access to the $5, $10, and $20 a month plans, I believe. The $40 plan appeared as a useable option for me after depositing an additional $5.

Digital Ocean and Vultr do get bonus points over Linode for their rDNS being assigned instantly -- in Digital Ocean's case, your rDNS is simply the name you give your server, example - if I put as my server name then is then my rDNS (it doesn't even require an A pointer). With Vultr you can go into the control panel for that particular server and add in the rDNS after the instance is set up, it's assigned instantly. I've had Linode's rDNS take up to 6-8 hours to complete; usually it's around 1-3 hours. But, honestly, it essentially comes down to this -- if you have enough money, go for Linode. As for the two more budget cloud providers, I personally think Vultr is a bit better than Digital Ocean. There are some I haven't tried yet though, like Prometeus's iwstack, Centurylink, Google, etc. I haven't checked Amazon ECS in several months, unsure about the pricing there now. I mostly used the 'spot' instances (they were a whole lot cheaper than running a dedicated instance, but could also be killed at any point if you got outbid).

Digital Ocean signup is here. You get $10 for using the referral link. I am almost positive that you have to deposit $5 of your own money before beginning to use their services, but not 100%. My billing history shows me depositing $5 on the same day as opening my account, so I suspect that is the case. They accept major credit cards and Paypal. They don't accept bitcoin, those dirty ratbastards. As far as promos go, they seem to always have at least one active -- I used TWITTER914 for $10 more, not sure if it still works. Can also try SHIPITNOW10, DEPLOY2DO, WP10, SHIPITFAST, ALLSD10, all of which give $10.... or you can wait for a $20 promo, which occur every once in a while. You use these promos *after* signing up, though I've only ever been able to take the one (so may be better to wait for a $20). You get this promo bonus in addition to the $10 bonus from the referral link. Pls to use the referral link, thx.

Vultr signup is here. Doesn't give the person signing up a bonus, but it make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The SSDVPS promo is still live for the bonus $20 as of Feb. 28th, 2015. You do have to deposit a minimum of $5 to access this amount (they take credit cards, paypal, and bitcoins (!) which is much überness indeed.

***Update, Mar. 16th - 100for60 offer ended sometime in the last 4-8 hours or so, hah. Now you just get the $5 for signing up then there's probably still some $20 coupon floating around somewhere, sad times

Linode signup is here. No bonus from it, besides that warm fuzzy feeling. Wish I could still use Linode, it's the best in terms of network, speed, everything really... except price and the godawful slow RDNS propagation.

****(March 17th Update): New promo now, "STPATRICK2015" on new accounts gives you $17, so seven bucks better than the typical $10 everlasting promo.

Wable is worth mentioning regardless of the ToS forbidding any "digital currency" related activities, since it's such a great deal. If you want a bit of a trial, you can pick it up towards the end of a month and pay a pro-rated amount for the rest of that month. You're mint as long as you cancel on the last day (just takes a click on the user panel, no advance warning required). Alas, no referral link or free monies for me for Wable signups.

Wable signup is here. Take bundle 3. You get 3 VCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD on a very good network connection (the best I've seen, and I've tried some godawful amount of dedi and vps providers). The 6,000GB bandwidth limit is erroneous, it is unmetered as of right now. AFTER purchasing bundle 3, you can use a promo that is still active via their Facebook page here. To save some digging, this is the promo link that you use after getting bundle 3. It adds an extra 2 VCPU, 2 GB RAM, and 30GB SSD space, giving you 5 VCPU, 4GB RAM, and 80GB SSD space that can be instantly deployed in Seattle, New York, or Dallas. Bundle 3 allows 1-3 VPS, so you can set up a VPS in each location if you want. Wable also allows you to reprovision your VPS at will (with the exception of HDD space if you would run out). I have a Serverbear benchmark here. 105.0 MB/second bandwidth rate, craziness. Also see a speedtest result that I did here. Only provider I've ever gotten over 1000 Mb/s on from that speedtest site. Be sure to remember that they don't allow *any* digital currency related activities. A bit strange, considering that they actually do allow IRC and (legal) torrenting, unlike damn near all other VPS providers. Wable also allows you to set your rDNS as long as you have their VPS bundle 3 or higher.

... and with those being mentioned, there are really much better options before spending all sorts of money on these 'cloud' providers (essentially, the cloud providers are superior if you need to set up at multiple locations, or possibly if you're setting up something more short term). The old (at was hosted at Hetzner. If you aren't subject to VAT, you can get an i7-3770 with 32GB of RAM and 2x3TB HDD's for €28.57 right now via their serverbidding (these servers also have no setup fee). If you don't need 32GB of RAM, there is an i7-2600 for €22.69 right now, or an i7-3770 for €23.53 (!!!). I've gone through half a dozen Hetzner servers over the past several years and they've all been able to burst up to damn near the full gigabit, with sustained speeds generally around 40-60MB/s. I have a Serverbear benchmark of an EX-40 here. Check out that network benchmark -- compare it to some of the other servers on there. Nothing from OVH even comes close to those specs. Honestly, the only reason to go with OVH over Hetzner is if you need the Canadian datacenter or if you plan on setting up a lot of virtual environments and one of those dual-cpu Xeons would be beneficial.

About half a year ago, I ran a KVM (won't get into specifics, but superior to a VPS) on, was something like $12.50 for 2 CPU, 4GB RAM, 90GB SAS, with 100Mbps/100Mbps and a 3TB monthly limit. I still don't think you can find better than that for cheaper in Russia. Back when I first tried it it was new, so it's possible that it may be overloaded now (and not be able to sustain the 10MB/s at all times like it used to), but I'm going to get another VPS there shortly and I'll be able to check then. Used it as a p2pool and bitcoind node.

(March 9, 2015 update) Been running a KVM on there (vstoike) for about a week now, no issues. Still has great connectivity to Europe and is slightly faster (about 40ms) to most of Asia. Easily achieves the advertised 100Mbps/100Mbps speeds. It's also very easy to set an rDNS there, easy cancellation, web control panel, etc.

(March 15th, 2015 update) Looks like they changed their prices at vstoike. I haven't tried it myself, but is probably worth checking out, as the prices there are now much cheaper than vstoike -- it has always been priced in rubles, vs. vstoike's USD. Don't believe they have English tech support or an English version of their website, though.

Also, I've been running a VPS at (referral link inc) Time4VPS, which is based in Lithuania. I've been using the 'M' config server for 3.99 €/mo which gives two Intel Xeon E5-2630L v2 2.4ghz vCPUs, 2048MB RAM, 80GB storage, and 2TB bandwidth. Bitcoind should also be fine on the S VPS for 1.99 €/mo -- has the same 2 vCPU, 1024MB RAM, 40GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. 40GB of storage likely won't be enough space for the blockchain plus everything else you need to run bitcoind sometime in the next 3-6 months (I am currently using 38GB on my VPS, but could cut down to 35GB or so if absolutely needed). The 1024MB RAM also doesn't give you much room to increase your dbcache size (at 2048MB, I use dbcache=1024 in the bitcoin.conf file). rDNS is changed via the 'change hostname' option. Cancellation can also be done at any time via the panel and doesn't require any advance notice.

Softlayer has some $500 off promo for servers in their Montreal datacenter - 500MTL is the promo code (good until June 9th, 2015). I *think* you only have to cancel 24 hrs in advance, if you aren't going to keep it, think it also lasts through billing cycle. Not 100% sure, though. I assume that if you put together a system that's less than $500, you'd still have to put in some credit card info but you wouldn't get charged for the first month. I'll give it a go later and see what it's like (if they let me, hoho). Sydney, AU is here, code is 500SYD. Querétaro, Mexico is here, code is 500MEX, this one expires on March 31st (Tokyo and Germany are also March 31st). Tokyo is here, code is 500TOK. Frankfurt, DE is here, code is 500GER.

Oh, I went ahead and picked one up in Mexico. Ended up having to pay $6 for it cause of the sales tax.

Gotta say, damn good connection there. Same quality as Incero Dallas (which is best I've used in Dallas), just add 20-25ms for Mexico to most locations. IMO, Dallas is the best 'centralized' location there is as far as reach goes (130ms to Japan, 120ms to Germany, 120ms to Brazil, 60ms to Canada, etc. For Asian locations, just add 20-25ms to what you get from LA, for Europe, add ~25ms to NY latency. Better than Chicago because of South Africa, Central & South America, Asia in my opinion. Chicago is 5-10ms faster to Europe, 15-20ms faster to Canada, but is much slower to Central & South America (routes thru Florida), and about 15ms slower to Asia. Chicago also would be slightly slower on avg to typical US internet user (yeah, NE is more populated, but Chicago isn't smack in the middle of the US like Dallas. West coast also has large population, and Dallas is also obv faster to Texas and rest of gulf states (florida being the big one), colorado, others. Debateable, I guess. Would take either of them over the Netherlands, which I'd consider the best location in Europe. ... but, yeah, getting over 100MB/s out of Mexico is neat. Shame that $500 is... $400 over my budget.

I also have a node running at a Japan location that isn't Linode, Amazon ECS, or Vultr! I'll talk more about it later. (ed: real quick, it's Conoha Hosting, has been awesome so far. peerage is with GMO Internet. bursts up to 25MB/s on new blocks, I observed sustained 50MB/s for about 30s before I throttled it.. check the ping times on it vs the linode nodes on oh, and hetzner serverbidding prices are just freakishly low.

... and be sure to generate some bitcoins for me by gambling at Primedice 3. Mr. T gives stamp of approval to betting the under at 97.82. You'll come out ahead, np. It is known.

More bitcoins means less penis! Those bastard ASIC companies are taking all our jobs!11
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